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In our store you may see a number of recognisable logos. You should be aware that Graphics 'n' Tees are in no way associated with any of the companies whose logo appears on this web site. It is not our intention to appear to be associated with any of the companies you see on here. It is neither our intention to pass ourselves off as being associated with any of them either. Graphics 'n' Tees are entirely independent of any company logo that you see in our store.


Due to the complexities of all the different laws stipulating what is right and what is wrong, we're not knowingly out to breach any trademark policies or infringe any copyright rules, which is why we say that if you feel we are breaching your companies trademark, then we kindly ask you to contact us immediately to address the issue.


If you are the rightful owner of a particular brand or logo that appears on this site and can confirm you are who you say you are and the complaint is genuine, we will not hesitate in removing the brand/logo from this site without delay.


Thank you for your cooperation.